Monday, 22 September 2014

Thank you, Hazel (and vote for me)

What to do if the wildly popular incumbent is retiring after 36 years in office? Compete over efforts to thank her for her service!

Both Bonnie Crombie and Steve Mahoney are using Hazel in their social media blitz, encouraging people to either sign an on-line petition (Mahoney) or come to the campaign office to sign a thank you poster (Crombie).

Here's what Mahoney sent out via twitter. Click the link and you can see a laudatory letter to Hazel from Steve and you can sign the thank you note yourself:
Here's Crombie's sponsored facebook post (which means her campaign paid for it to appear on my timeline; I think Mahoney did the same with a facebook post just like his tweet on September 10):

Thank you from Bonnie Facebook post

Both campaigns clearly think that associating with Hazel with attract voters. Mahoney's use of Hazel's image on a backdrop that matches his campaign's blue could be seen as a devious attempt to make it look like he enjoys Hazel's endorsement (she is officially neutral and has been close to both Crombie and Mahoney) or a brilliant way to connect Hazel with his campaign "brand." I wonder how many people scrolling through their news feed saw Hazel, the Mahoney blue and assumed that he enjoyed her support!

The question is, will it work? Or do people know that Hazel is neutral?

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